Gray Jeans (Mislina-377)

Price : $31.18(Vat included)
While it shapes the body with its narrow fit from hip to knee level, the trousers recreate the retro style of the 70s with its leg widening from the knee down, and gain a new look with quality jeans. You can achieve a stylish look by combining trousers with flounced blouses and boat-neck knitwear, and high-heeled shoes.

It gives a gentle touch feeling on the skin with its natural soft structure.

It provides increased wearing comfort with its breathable fabric and full lycra all day long.

Product / Model dimensions


Weight: 58

Size 36 is available on the model.

Size 36 Product length: 110 cm

Product Waist:76cm

Product Hip: 102 cm

Size 38 Product length: 110 cm

Product Waist:80 cm

Product Hip: 108 cm

Size 40 Product length: 110 cm

Product Waist: 84 cm

Product Hip: 114 cm

Size 42 Product length: 106cm

Product Waist: 88cm

Product Hip: 118 cm

Size 44 Product length: 112cm

Product Waist: 94cm

Product Hip: 124 cm

Size 46 Product length: 110cm

Product Waist: 98cm

Product Hip: 128 cm

Size 48 Product length: 110cm

Product Waist: 106cm

Product Hip: 132 cm
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