Imported Silk Polka Dot Pattern Navy Blue Dress (Mislina-847)

Price : $120.59(Vat included)

Accessories that form the complementary equation of natural textures, natural color palette and abstract forms for your Imported Silk Dress; You can create small details of your combinations with flower figures, organic forms meeting acrylic, string-wrapped earrings and earrings and necklaces inspired by nature using mussel shells, starfish, corals, pearls and leaf figures. You can also make a minimal emphasis on the look with shoes with geometric heel sections and you will impress with their imported quality.

 Product details

 Suitable for sizes 36 and 44. Lined

Fabric information: 

Foreign Imported Silk

Inner Lining:

70% viscose fabric

Elastane fabric is 30%

Elastane fabric   A synthetic fabric with an elastic structure is known as lycra fabric. 

Viscoce fabric: Since its moisture-wicking capacity is very high, it absorbs sweat and does not cause odor. It is elegant and flowing. It is easy to wash and wrinkle resistant.

Product / Model dimensions



Product Height:142 cm

Product Length Inner Lining: 113 cm

Product Sleeve:45
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