Short Sleeve Leather Dress (Mislina-351)

Price : $50.00(Vat included)

Leather dress, which draws attention with its short sleeves and embroidered pocket detail; You can reflect your style by combining it with sneakers, high-heeled boots and stilettos. It is possible to look stylish in every season with the women's dress models in Mislina Boutique's online catalogue.

Dress front 100% Faux Leather

The back of the dress is 100% Scuba fabric.

Scuba Fabric:

It has body-lifting properties,

They take shape easily and do not stick to the body,

They do not need to be ironed,

It is a completely synthetic fabric,

It does not have sweat absorbing properties,

They have different thicknesses,

There are different breeds such as puff diver and sponge diver,

Model/Product Dimensions

Size S is available on the mannequin.

You too can get your exact size.


Weight: 58

Product length in size S: 85 cm

Product chest:86cm

Product sleeve:25cm

Product length in size M: 85 cm

Product chest: 96cm

Product sleeve:25cm

Product length in size L: 85 cm

Product chest: 106cm

Product sleeve:25cm

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